Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Irish Chinese Contact Group Data Protection Policy

ICCG ensures compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003.

1.1 Data Collection & Processing

When collecting Data ICCG shall make the Membership aware of the following:

1. identity of ICCG

2. the purpose in collecting data

3. the persons to whom data may be disclosed.

ICCG shall ensure that the data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it is kept.

1.2 What data ICCG collects

The data held by ICCG shall consist of contact details for the Membership. The information will be held in a database referred to hereinafter as the Contact Database. The data shall consist of the member’s name, address, telephone number, email address and may include information as to what stage of the adoption process they are currently at. Data is also held in relation to member’s children consisting of name, date of birth, date of adoption, social welfare institute child was adopted from (where relevant).

1.3 What ICCG does with the Information collected

This data held is kept for the following purposes:

To circulate to membership printed material or electronic material relating to events appropriate to their children/families hosted by ICCG or other groups.
To communicate any information to the membership that ICCG deems may be of interest to the membership and is pursuant to the objectives of ICCG.
To elicit information from the membership for the purposes of furthering the objectives of ICCG.

1.4 Security Measures Employed by ICCG

Access to ICCG Contact Database is restricted to the Executive Committee.
The ICCG Contact Database shall be password protected.
A backup copy of the Contact Database is retained by ICCG.
It is the responsibility of the Membership Secretary to ensure that there is only one copy of ICCG Contact Database with one back-up copy in use at any one time.
The Committee shall be made aware of ICCG security measures and the requirement to comply with them.
ICCG will not disclose the data in the Contact Database to any other parties.
The Membership Secretary will review compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003 by conducting a regular review and audit of the data which is held by ICCG, the manner in which they are processed and the manner in which the requirements of the Data Protection Acts are communicated within the organisation.

1.5 Links to Other Websites

ICCG website contains links to other websites of interest. ICCG is not responsible the content of or the protection and privacy of any information which members provide whilst visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this protection statement.

1.6 Maintenance of Records

ICCG will endeavour to ensure high levels of accuracy by contacting the Membership on an annual basis to invite the members to update their information. A member may email ICCG at any time to have their details updated.

1.7 Retention of Data

ICCG shall retain current data for such period as ICCG is in operation.
ICCG will retain member’s data for a period of one year after membership has lapsed, where after such data will be deleted.
If a member wishes that their information be deleted from the Contact Database then they may contact ICCG by email and ICCG shall delete all information as requested.

1.8 Copies of Data

Any member of ICCG may request details of personal information which ICCG holds about that member under the Data Protection Act 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003. Furthermore a member shall be entitled to know the purposes for holding and processing his/her data.

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