ICCG summer day out Tayto Park July 28th 2018
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ICCG summer day out Tayto Park July 28th 2018

ICCG summer day out Tayto Park July 28th 2018

ICCG is planning a family day out.  For this event ICCG families should book your own tickets.
So book your own tickets for 28th July.  You can individually decide if you want wristbands and entry [for those who want to access lots of rides!] or entry only [for the younger kids or parents not interested in lots of rides!].  This means each family picks what is best suited to your dynamic.  If you book entry only you can, of course, select rides to go on and just pay for tokens as you need them.. more cost effective for some.
We should all meet up at the entrance at 11am – where we will do introductions especially for younger families who may want to stick together around the playgrounds.  Any families with a mix of ages may like to have the older children 12+ join a group going to the bigger rides !! Not a formal ICCG organised group just an opportunity to get the teens mixing and enjoying age appropriate rides.
We will go in together and split up to enjoy the park in smaller groups and then all meet for a picnic at 2pm at the Pow Wow Playground !
So do please BOOK YOUR TICKETS and the EMAIL ICCG to say you are booked and we will get ready for all the introductions and make plans for age specific groups.
Can’t wait to see as many of you as possible in TAYTO PARK on July 28th.

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