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ICCG – Irish Chinese Contact Group

Beginning the Journey

Assessment Process

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Application to Dossier Registration

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Registration to Adoption Completion

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Post Adoption Parenting

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Welcome to the ICCG Website

ICCG (Irish Chinese Contact Group) was founded in 1999 by three adoptive families. They saw the benefit of sharing experiences with other families in the process and that began the ICCG work, helping families at all stages: considering adoption from China during the assessment phase and particularly when preparing dossiers through to adoption and beyond.

ICCG is particularly focused on the past adoption time, networking families and young people and celebrating the culture of China with our annual events for Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Networking involves social family events, age specific fun days and group camps and picnics.

ICCG also supports the organisation of Homeland Tours annually.

ICCG is a voluntary run organisation and membership fees are self annually with access to the members area of the website available to members only.

Throughout the website we have information available for general enquiries and information which is available to our members. To join ICCG please click on the link below to download the registration form. You will be issued with a unique logon & password which will give you access to both the members only section of the website and the ICCG private Facebook group for members.

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